Wednesday, August 31, 2005

How May I Direct Your Call??

I've been saying that for three days straight now - it's been the longest three days of my life, mind you. I've taken a temp job as a receptionist - it's out of necessity really. I just couldn't do it on lockout pay alone. Most of my day is spent directing other's calls and shipping packages. SHIPPING THOSE BLOODY PACKAGES. I swear I don't care if I ever see another waybill as long as I live. And THE BEST was that I was trained by the permanent receptionist on friday for a couple of hours and I distinctly remember her saying "oh don't worry about shipping internationally - that won't happen." ok, i'd say 95% of the shit i've shipped in the last 3 days has been international! and the US has some tight rules on shipping ANYTHING to their little country. yay homeland security!
anyway, the larger picture here is that i've realized i'm really qualified to do what i do and completely underqualified for anything else. seriously. i feel like such a dumbass sometimes where i'm working now - and a lot of people there i'm sure assume all i do is temp. that's pretty humbling too. someone there said to me the other day "gee i don't know how you temps do it- going from job to job!". yes- i'm fulfillling my lifelong dream right now... will you please take a picture of me and send it to my mom? ha!
kay enough bitching - at least i'm sortof working right now.
today we staged an event in front of city hall - an hour long broadcast of what we'd do if we weren't locked out. it was great - a real spirit booster, i thought. kudos to glassman and the crew that organized and took part in it - ron, portia, kim, olivier, peter, mark c, mark h, the tech crew, terry jones, ginette benoit, maria dunn - and i know there's lots i'm missing, so, sorry. it was also great to see politicians take part. you know, i never understand why some people shy away from participating in something like this. it's all in good fun. those that do participate make me happy because you have hope that they get it. they get that the cbc isn't about the institution, it's about all the people that work there to make it, well, work! i think the group that staged cbc unlocked showed that today.
read more about it soon on edmontoncbc or cbcontheline.
my last thought: while this lockout is making some headway in the spirit-breaking department, it's beginning to do what i feared most: breaking up our small edmonton-cbc family. people are starting to think about moving on - and some already have. people that know me and are reading this will think i'm being over-dramatic, but i came to edmonton knowing virtually no one, having no family here, and some of my co-workers have become my close friends and surrogate family. i LIKE going to work every day - and some of that has to do with those i work with. not everyone can say that. but i know people (even me) could move on when we were working, i just think this lockout may be expediting the process.


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