Thursday, August 25, 2005


sorry - i couldn't think of a more clever title. the prospect of picketing in the sun has given me a renewed energy! yee haw!
like many other locked out cbc-ers, the edmonton crew was trying to get a 30 minute radio show with our university station CJSR. unbelievably, we've been rejected. mark harvey says the program director there couldn't find us a spare 30 minutes on their airwaves! i find this outrageous, really. calgary has successfully got 30 minutes, and i've heard the vancouver crew has got stations all over BC carrying their stuff, but we can't get a lousy 30 minutes a week??? it's especially insulting since i'm told the program director there is often a contributor to various edmonton cbc radio programs.
well, we are not to be deterred - or rather christine chomiak isn't about to be deterred! i think her plans are to e-mail the cjsr program hosts and ask if they'd like to donate 30 minutes of their show to our cause. i admire her chutzpah, but it's a shame it's come to this.
speaking of shames, apparently the fringe festival is less than thrilled with our picketing presence near their area. i know we've kept a very respectful distance, but that doesn't seem to matter. if i were in a negative mood, i'd say it seems like OH MY GOD THE WORLD'S AGAINST US! but i know that's just not true, from the volume of support we've received from people and passersby and certain politicians like ndp mla raj pannu and other labour organizations. so if non-cbc people are reading this, and you pass by one of our picket lines, it really can't hurt to offer words of encouragement - it really does keep spirits up. i even don't mind the half-supportive comments, like the one i got via e-mail from my friend sue: "while i'm kind of glad for the lockout because there's lots of coronation street - if you're not happy i'm not happy." thanks sue - it means a lot! really!
so i've been reading cbc on the line (link to your left), and read with particular interest the row with stursberg and david shannon. i think it just speaks to how pissed off lots of people are - some of it's bound to boil over. i can't help but feel that current management is killing the cbc with every day we're locked out. and how when and if we ever get back to work, we're the ones that are going to have to bust our collective asses to fix things with our local viewers and audiences. that's just wrong.
hey, if you're reading this and you live in edmonton, go see "hip hop 4 dummeez" and "gags for the masses" at the fringe (while i'm still mad at the fringe organizers, i can't take it out on the artists that come here). anyway -two hilarious shows. "gags" is also very thought provoking.


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