Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rain, Rain, Go the F&*% Away!!

it's raining. again. seriously. i'm beginning to think we've either A. been cursed, B. did something really bad in a previous life or C. mysteriously keep waking up in vancouver. i remember my first summer in edmonton, i think it rained twice in 100 days. so i'm on my way to hit the picket line one more time in the rain.
yesterday we did some picketing at the fringe festival - this is a place where one of the radio shows has it's own beer tent and now we have no presence, except on the outside. but once again, it's a cbc-friendlier crowd, so there were lots of enthusiastic card signers.
andree lau and i have both noticed in reading some other blogs that certain picket lines seem very entertaining. ottawa for example has musical interludes! it's really great to see that people across the country are making the best of it. yesterday prior to hitting the fringe, we did the usual rounds downtown. alberta beef producers were doing bbq beef on a bun, so some of our troupe took advantage of the free lunch -- them and half the city. since i don't eat the beef, i hung back until churchill square was clearing out. barb boyechko and i did a tour with our signs around the square and noticed there was another free aspect to the bbq: FREE BEER! some edmonton MLAs were handing out beer samples, and being quite, um, generous with their sample sizes. it's no concert or street hockey game, but a fun moment to break up the day!
i'm putting some new links up to new sites, including terry reith's picture site.


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Even in Vancouver the weather has been sunny and beautiful. Sigh.

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