Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunny Sunday

of course it's sunny today. it's the weekend and there's no picketing. since i just started this blog-thing, here's a little catch up: cbc edmonton employees have proved to be a hardcore bunch. for the first 4 days of the lockout it was cold and rainy here. i swear there were days when the rain didn't stop. we're in the unique position of being downtown edmonton, located in a mall, and in the hub of a major bus-stop location. so we walked around the entire block - making sure that people catching the bus on either side of the building saw us. every so often, we'd stand under this sheltered area to get a break from the rain. several times, we were told to leave by mall management - several ironies there, including how much money we've pumped into that mall since our tenancy began.
so day one and two were mall-based days for the most part. on tuesday, i celebrated my 29th birthday on the line. larry, one of our cameramen, was very sweet and brought me a muffin with a candle in it and people sang happy birthday. it was actually very funny and strangely moving. wednesday we were told that we'd be moving a picket line to commonwealth stadium. the cbc was setting up for it's first national broadcast: an eskimos - argos game. we'd also heard they may have hired american crews to come up and help, so we set up around the clock lines at the stadium. in the rain. still.
a bunch of us volunteered to go - frankly, the change of scenery was nice. andree and i were hoping we'd get to stop some teamsters' trucks on the way in. although no trucks ever came, i was glad we were there and had our bases covered. there were management-types already there, hanging around the winnipeg mobile that had been brought in to do the job (apparently no one knows how to work the edmonton mobile). on thursday, we returned to commonwealth to see that there had been a FENCE built around the mobile. really. now i don't know if this is standard practice, but i'm told not by several sources.


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