Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Blog in Three Parts

The main reason I’ve been such a slacker when it comes to this blog is that I’ve pretty much been hauling ass for a week, cramming in working with picketing to eek by a living. So there are going to be a few parts to this entry – first will be a complaint, then a catchup and then some interesting reading/listening.
So I don’t expect any sympathy from anyone for my situation. Really, I don’t. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself – getting up at 4:30 am to go walk the line for 2 hours only to ride the ass-bus to a job I don’t want to do for 6 hours, where i've just been assigned the challenging task of manually changing prices for 10000 items, then board the smelly bus again to get to the picket line for another 2 hours. Then gym, home, get lunch ready for the next day then bed. But then i think there are people worse off than me. And I’ve made my own financial bed, and I have to lie in it – as in I have to do what I have to do to get by. BUT what I will say is this – I don’t understand how some can actually try and make things MORE difficult for people in my position by putting up unnecessary roadblocks. I’m being intentionally vague here because I don’t want to outright slag anyone. Let me give an example. Let’s take picketing hours- I’m honest about my hours. I’m sure that 99.9% of my coworkers are. But there are extenuating circumstances which dictate the precision of your timeline, IE I got here at 4:05 and not 4 pm because my bus was late or someone has to leave at 5:50 to pick up their kid from soccer. But given what I, and others, have to go through to get there – don’t fucking give us a hard time for putting down 4:00 instead of 4:05. EVERYONE is making an effort to be out there, volunteer, etc. And frankly, life happens – I mean I don’t go through this much scrutiny AT WORK. And please don’t check up on me on the picket line – trust me – I’m out there, I have the bad hair and frostbite to prove it. And if anyone wants to hear about the hoops I had to go through to retrieve my cheque this week – just ask me while I’m walking around the building.
So what HAS been going on at the line this week? Of course, tons of rumors flying around – we’ll be back by Oct 1, management’s in it for the long haul, so-and-so’s leaving, etc etc. frankly, I’m done with that – rumors are rumors and nothing more. There’s no one on earth who knows what the master plan is except the masters, so there’s no point in sickening yourself thinking about it. Although it is comforting to talk about sometimes because then you sort of feel what you’re hearing may not be way out in left field.
There’s a food bank benefit being organized by Glassman et al for the 27th of September. It will be a free concert/show, and I don’t have many more details. Hopefully they’ll start promos soon. Bill Stadel and I were trying to think of some Edmonton big name bands that may draw a crowd – but we couldn’t really come up with any universal mass appeal artists. Corb Lund was about it – but I hear he’s on tour. I think Gary Daelman’s CBC band should play! I don’t know their name, but I’ll tentatively call them “gary and the lockouts”. Gary: Think about it! As an aside, andree found this band called “peter mansbridge and the cbcs” for real. They’re an Ontario group – kind of average music with an above average band name. I’ll link to them later.
What else what else? There was a cmg meeting this week, which I missed, updating everything. Apparently the hilights were as follows, according to my sources: Guy Moquin ran into Brad Pitt working on his movie set, Mark Connolly was poking fun at Ron Wilson in some way, our lockout pay went up, and oh yeah we’re still locked out. Special thanks to the United Nurses of Alberta for providing pizza.
I was put in charge of the coffee card last night and this morning! So much power! But I was a very benevolent coffee card keeper – people should put me in charge more often.
It’s very cold these days on the line – so here’s some advice: no matter what Josh Classen or Kristy Gordon or that new Nicola chicky from global OR ANY weather network “personality” says about the weather, dress WARMLY. And by that I mean full on warm jacket, sweater, scarves and mitts and long underwear if the need be. People are seriously being caught off guard by really how cold it is out there – and it’s not going to get warmer. May I also recommend actually walking on the line – it keeps you warm.
Gareth told me this morning that apparently Mark Harvey’s dog gently bit a homeless man the other day. I think he said it was more like a nip, but enough to make the man stop paying attention to him.
So in the past couple of days I’ve read Robin Rowland’s vision for the CBC and listened to Tod Maffin’s vision for the CBC. Both visions have merit. I agree with Robin’s points about re-investing in local broadcasting wholeheartedly – after all, isn’t that where compelling stories are supposed to come from? If you’re not involved in your community, how can you ever expect to uncover anything? Anyhoo, Tod’s vision is available to listen to from his unplugged website and from that site, you can also link to Robin’s blog The Garrett Tree to read his ideas for the future of the mother corp. And who knows, you may get some ideas of your own, and hopefully, so will management.


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Just an update - the event on the 27th is now off - as you alluded to Steph - tough to find talent in this town; talent from this town is often out of town. And there were several competing events including a charity event at the Winspear and a preseason hockey game. Instead we're organizing a day of action every Wed from here on in. We're inviting people (picketers of course, but our public as well) to come down to the line of Wed when we'll rally for public broadcasting. Hip hip hoo-ray. Let's keep it alive in Canada.
P.S. Sorry to hear you're being hounded by another schedule Nazi...where's the love?
P.P.S. I'm guessing Gary's band will not be a hair band...

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