Friday, September 02, 2005

The Brown Envelope

You know what I’m talking about: that very ominous envelope that’s arriving in everyone’s mailbox from CBC inviting us to “get the facts”? Ok it’s white, but I was making a weak attempt at being clever.
(incidentally – when I got the envelope, I started to worry thinking I had either A. been fired or B. was being offered money to cross the line. And I was on the verge of ripping it open in a sweaty panic when Catherine said “stop! don’t do it”. So she told me vaguely what was in it and what I’m supposed to do, but all night it sat in my apartment taunting me and begging to be opened. But I resisted – wish I could say the same for that chocolate bar in my cupboard. Anyhoo, lots of thanks to Tod Maffin for posting on unplugged. I thought I would go crazy with curiosity)
So after reading the contents, I’m actually feeling a little insulted. We’re just being beaten over the head with the same message over and over: “the right people for the right jobs at the right time”. (by the way, I fully expect that to replace “trusted, connected, Canadian” as the CBC’s slogan very soon). Who the HELL wants to live with that over their heads??? I’ve been a TV producer for 2.5 years in Edmonton, and for nearly that long, I’ve lived in constant fear of not having a job at certain points: end of summer, end of fiscal, you name it. My coworkers are tired of hearing me worry about it, my boss I’m sure is tired of hearing me worry about it (because I know she really does want me there and values what I do), and frankly, I’ve stressed myself out to the point of anxiety worrying about it. And to think, I’m in that “young group” that certain people claim don’t want to be stuck in the same jobs with the same company forever. Young people DO want job security. We DO want opportunities to advance in the same company. We DO want benefits (I don’t want to lose my teeth at 40, do you?) and we DO want to invest ourselves in the CBC – that’s WHY WE’RE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!
I do love public broadcasting and I want to work for the CBC. When I was in j-school, I found myself in the Toronto broadcast centre for some random thing and I turned to my friend and said “you know, I really want to work for CBC one day.” I was really lucky because that day came really fast. And 5.5 years later, I still think I’m lucky, I know that. But I’m not sure if the CBC knows how lucky it is to have all these talented people working here. And that makes me sad. And those are my facts.


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