Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Kindness of Strangers

12 hours. I picketed today for 12 hours. why, you make ask, would anyone participate in this insanity? well i'll be honest: for me, strike pay just isn't going to cut it, and neither would working 40 hours a week for 10 bucks an hour as a receptionist, so i must do both: 20 hours picketing, 20 hours work: maybe then i'll be ok. incidentally, i didn't think i'd find myself in this situation because i didn't think this thing would continue that long. at this point, there's a voice in the back of my head going holy crap lets get this thing over with now! talk, do whatever. i know that some people would call me the weak link for saying so, but frankly those people can f-off because not only do i miss what i do, i admit i miss some of the security it brought. and i know i'm not the only one who feels that way, even though i may be one of the few who admit it.
but i digress. so 12 hours picketing sounds crazy, it actually wasn't all that bad. first of all, there were tons of people throughout the day for various shifts, therefore i was always amused by someone at any given time. i got to spend some quality time with lots of folks, among them, bill stadel who i haven't really talked to since he came back from vacation last week and i was working elsewhere. secondly, i got lots of exercise. LOTS. i didn't feel i even had to go to the gym afterwards. and third: hey, i'm done more than half my picket duty for the week.
today there was a nice delivery of sandwiches from some people. jim mcdonald from BN brought over sandwiches from the italian centre bakery and beverages, generously bought by ann sullivan, who's on mat leave (we miss you ;) and katherine harding from the globe (thanks harding!). he also told us the italian centre folks are giving them a discount on the sandwiches of a buck off each, which is also very generous, so i wanted to say thanks on this site. it just reminds me that people haven't forgotten about us -we're still friends, colleagues and customers!
so tomorrow shelagh rogers rolls into town with her caravan, and we're having another sort of pirate broadcast in the city hall vicinity. thanks again to the folks at cjsr for lending equipment. also there's a morning show broadcast tomorrow AM on cjsr at 7:30am i THINK. don't quote me on that. anyhoo, i hope it all goes well - i'm sure it will.


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