Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Why I Love Paul Workman

ok, admittedly, there are several reasons. the man is a fantastic journalist and writer - he could make 3 hours of staring blankly at a wall sound interesting. he has a keen eye for letting the picture do the talking and he's not too hard on the eyes either. but today i have even more respect for the man. today i read that he's been placed on leave by the cbc because he refuses to work while we're out. now apparently he's part of that small group of foreign correspondents that CAN work (veeeeeeery clever how they got around that one), but he isn't. and he's not afraid of the consequences. so while i didn't think it was possible, and while it probably doesn't mean too much to him, paul workman has gone up a notch in my book.


Blogger lockout why? said...

I to have alot of respect for Paul Workman. He's a great journalist... and I'm very happy he took this stand in support of this lockout.

CBC management were to terminate is contract in December... why on earth would they do such a stupid thing?

4:57 p.m.  
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