Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Back to HOCKEY Night in Canada

i haven't been this happy since i got the "my little pony" dream castle for christmas 1985. seriously- i know lots of people are still angry about this lockout - still angry that people we work for could have done this to us and created a huge crisis in public broadcasting in the meantime. but i'm too happy to be angry anymore. i get to go back to work. that's all that really matters. it will be tough to start from square one - and especially to fill holes left by people who have, well, left! but i'm willing to give it a try. i'm also willing to work harder to make sure that we create a product worth protecting. what i'm not willing to do anymore is abuse my contract. working for free or not taking vacation time when i'm entitled. it's not going to happen. not anymore.
so the mood at the pizza meeting today was light... jovial even. everyone was just so pleased to be back... to be getting a real paycheque again... to have the stress being lifted off their shoulders. it's amazing what that can do - i'm actually so proud of my colleagues for holding it together as well as they did. it's an amazing group of people i work with. but i always knew that.
so today i was just perusing some of the contract details and it looks like there's even something in there for me (a temporary). there was a hint that if you've been filling a position for 18 months consecutively, youc could be entitled to staff status. i'll have to check the fine print, but since i've been doing my job for nearly 3 years, i may finally be able to gain job security. and plan my life. i'm turning 30 soon- i think it's time.
so this will also be my last blog entry. it's been fun. it's been a great way to get out some of my thoughts and keep some people entertained (including myself =)). so without fanfare i say goodbye to "lockout night in canada" to make way for "hockey night in canada". cue theme.